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Some thoughts on TACO replacing steel in Team Liquid

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  1. thought this was an intersting break down and a bit different on the angle he usually takes – one thing tho about teammate and clutch vacuum comparing with olaf in fnatic vs now for example. Adding onto this changes in team style can also jsut completly change the amount of chances you have to be clutch – in fnatic they played a way more loose style were its way more likely a few ppl die on there own and end up having to be clutch kind of often in games – faze with karrigan is much more structured nad they group up more often than fnatic – olaf always seemed to be most clutch in 1vx situations but if the team is grouped and lest spread out, they tend to all or most die and the few who may survive are usually not in a good clutch position , guardian being the awper nad having to position safer therfore has more oppurtunitys, if they went for a more loose spread out style youd probably see olaf clutching more as there would be more legitamate chances to clutch

  2. Just for pointing out, TACO is short for Epitácio but is also "bat" as in "baseball bat". So, it's really strange to see non-brazilians thinking about the mexican food. This doesn't even appear in our minds when the name "TACO" is spelled 🙂

  3. Thorin I'm from so cal so I grew up on authentic Mexican tacos but I lived in New York for a few years and know that tacos on that side are a completely different food. So like you insinuate you don't have someone Mexican to make them for you and without that tacos are average to bad but give real tacos a chance someday bro. sidenote Taco Bell is terrible

  4. the only time I've believed this "chose to step down" scenario is Kjaerbye, he also saw the writing on the wal: Astralis weren't gonna kick device, Dupreeh, Xyp9x or Galive, but something was gonna give
    And that was certainly not framed as "pleasantly" as these pr statements, shows what really happens when a player steps down before the team actually cuts him

  5. there were some rumors when FNX left IMT, that his departure was due to conflicts between him and Steelega. I doubt he will join NTC, I hope he does, but doubt it. His other options are T1 and LG, which are not anywhere near what NTC can achieve.