Some thoughts on Team Liquid winning ESL ProLeague S9 Finals and further establishing their stay at the top of the rankings.

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  1. "Liquid wasn't close to losing" by Thorin.
    Yet they were losing badly vs Hellraisers on a deciding map and we're a couple of rounds away from placing top12.
    Same about Astralis match and Liquid's 4-11 half on a deciding map. Mouz match was rather close either.
    I know there's a strong affinity between Duncan and the Liquid boys, but c'mon, that's too much fact distortion in the video.

  2. I agree that both Liquid got better and Astralis got worse this year compared to last year. But I also have to argue that I think the strongest team in the world that isn't Liquid right now is a team they already played and defeated in a Best of 3, shutting them out 2-0, and that was ENCE, who was at DH Masters Dallas. Yes, there are some teams that have a play-style that can sort of counter Liquid, but as we've seen, they can't do it enough, and yes, there are a couple teams going through changes that are on the rise, like Mouz, but the fact of the matter is they're still not there yet, and even when they are it might not be enough. Even with Woxic practically carrying Mouz with just how insane his game was on Nuke and taking 41 kills, they still lost in OT, whereas Liquid aren't losing games like that when one or two players aren't having a great day and Elige or Twistzz or someone else has to carry some of that weight. The fact of the matter is, ENCE are looking so strong. They are one of the best teams in the world, better than Astralis I'd say, and this was the same lineup that defeated Liquid in the quarter-finals of Katowice. It just goes to show that Liquid are better now and more consistent than they were earlier in the year when they were still adjusting to the new additions of Stewie2k as their 5th and Adren as their coach, and I don't think they're going to be toppled anytime soon at the current rate they're going. But keep your eyes on ENCE at every tournament they attend, because I feel like they are the team to watch for the #2 slot moving forward.

    That said, this tournament overall was G2's best performance since the Boston Major. It wasn't just they were doing well to have close maps against Liquid, they were having close maps and even crazy wins over everyone, and I'm sure that them being in France had something to do with it, knowing what an emotionally-based team they tend to be a lot of the time. I don't know if they'll be this strong going forward. They might be, or they might fall off like Fnatic did after IEM Sydney. We'll have to see.

  3. I'm not sure why is everyone giving Astralis the benefit of the doubt of having ring rust. You all act like they haven't touched CS for the past 5 years or something. As of today (June 25, 2019) they skipped only TWO tier 1 events (iem sydney and dreamhack dallas). They only started ducking Liquid since April 30… that not even 2 months ago. In the mean time they were getting their ass beat in their own events. Ain't no ring rust going on… they're just getting outplayed now at every event. These are just facts.

  4. Liquid looked good. Think they have some homework to do though. Pistol rounds/starting slow in general, sometimes they start to crack when opponents rally a few rounds together. They should definitely work on t-side nuke and inferno as well. Think train will be important to learn in the future.

  5. Lets also acknowledge the fact that the Astralis era of 2018 was also partially due to the fact that they had ZERO competition. Every big team at the time were either undergoing major roster changes or were washed up teams that relied WAY too much on star players like Simple or Niko to carry. Ence, Vitality, Furia etc were virtually unknown in 2018. This year (2019) is the only year with REAL competition from MULTIPLE teams.

    People need to quit being cucks and attributing every other teams success due to Astralis falling off. It's the other way around. Astralis is falling off BECAUSE every other team has caught up and Astralis can't keep up anymore, especially to Liquid. Ya'll can be fanboys all you like but facts are facts. Even prior to Astralis skipping events, Liquid(with stewie/adren) were tied with Astralis map for map. This EPL just solidified Liquids dominance over Astralis as a team. However, did Liquid topple Astralis era yet? Absolutely not and I don't know if they will because Liquid has real competition in 2019 from multiple teams. Astralis had it "easy" in 2018.

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  7. ENCE vs TL is the new rivalry you gotta be on the lookout for. They're 1-1 on BO3's and both teams are only progressing. ENCE has the weaker mappool, but they've had a month to strengthen it now. Will be very interesting to see how ESL Cologne pans out. ENCE vs TL final would be saucy. Then a rematch again in the major finals. Obviously TL are the better team, but ENCE seems to know how to counter them even with TL being superior talents

  8. That Semmler intro is beautiful. <3

    Liquid with SEVEN chances, definitely will win the Grand Slam imo. Really don't see how they could fuck this up.

    Astralis took a long time building up their legacy while Liquid was building up their own as well, only Astralis was in the way. Liquid definitely will spend significantly less time achieving their greatness since they was already quite well established before the end of Astralis era.

    Astralis must be regretting their decision with the whole BLAST and RFRSH shenenigan for sure. Their era could have been greater, this should have been their time to shine and compete on par with Liquid….