Some thoughts on Team Liquid’s dominant victory at IEM Chicago.

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  1. liquid was the greatest werent they. I miss when they were best in the world. Now theyre losing to furia and swole patrol. as much as i love the boys on swole it still hurts to watch them sink so low

  2. @thooorin dont u think the meta just changed for pro team because off the money change? like now there are much more buy rounds/force buys and teams dont get punished for losing those rounds that much as it takes away allot of the preasure on those kind of teams.and specialy younger teams! and this is why we se the more younger, aim skilled teams rising up right now.

  3. Normally I despise when a person makes something so much about them when the title says something else. However, Thorin, you scream mad big dick CSGO energy and you are nothing short of correct. Good shit, love the NA hype.

  4. Let's talk about Ence some more. Thorin believes they will drop off in ranking. It's plausible but I'm optimistic.
    First, in terms of skill, there's no reason they would get worse now. On the contrary. I agree that the AUG nerf hit them hard and they didn't even get to playoffs in their first tournament after it. Then in the second tournament they bounced back and got to the final again! That's a massive recovery in just a few weeks. There's no way they've found their best possible playstyle for the "AUG gone but SG still there" meta already. They have not fully recovered from the AUG nerf and are already reaching finals again.
    Second, in relative terms, in rankings vs. other teams Thorin sees other teams improving faster or peaking at a higher level than Ence. He mentions Astralis, Navi and Vitality. I also expect Astralis to regain solid top 3 status, making it to finals regularly. But that's permitted, that only puts two teams above Ence, and it's not even certain. As far as Navi go I don't see any future for them. They've tried and tried and we've seen them at their best a few times. It's just not enough. Lastly, Vitality: Meh. To me they're Navi 2.0. Carried far above their true level by a savant, unlike Ence who reach finals with team work. I see Ence as a top three team this year despite the AUG nerf.

  5. While Stewie has some pretty impactful kills and moments, I think having a negative K/D after the most crushing BO5 series would strongly imply that he is the weakest link of TL?

    I'm not discrediting him as a skillful player though, I still do remember him forcing OT in Boston 2018.

    I'm just curious for any thoughts on the matter.

  6. I think it's funny that people keep bringing up "top teams skipping events" and "less competition" as a mark against Liquid's dominance. What they really mean is "big names," because outside of Astralis, basically none of them were in consistent form or major threats to Liquid last year either. They lost to Astralis in grand finals the vast majority of the time.

    FaZe? Look horrible this year, and were wildly inconsistent last year with one-off peak performances with stand-ins.
    NaVi. Still haven't won a series against this line-up and, if I recall, never ONCE won a series against the TACO lineup. The S1mple and Electronic show continues.
    FNATIC. Had a short run of good form early this year (when Liquid beat them).
    MiBr have been maybe a top 10 team at best since early 2018. Won an online series against Liquid when they were playing Bo1s all day at Summit.
    Mouseports. Liquid choked hard against them last year in a Bo5, but that line-up did little else. New line-up looks exciting and is on the rise.
    North? Did nothing last year aside from that one tournament win as as a result of herculean prep from MSL. Still doing basically nothing.
    G2 was completely irrelevant last year.

    The only team that has been a potential contender this year that was also in good form last year is NRG and Liquid beats them consistently as well.
    And then you have Vitality and ENCE, who have been consistently high level teams all year. Liquid has lost to each of them once and beaten them convincingly every time after that. Lots of other young talent on the rise.
    And Astralis, who have dropped off, but are clearly still top 5. Lost to Liquid.

    There are no excuses left. Liquid is one of the best teams of all time and they look more convincing with each trophy they win. The only real question would be whether this line-up as it is now would beat Astralis in peak form. That would be an exciting match, but we probably won't ever get to see it, because that Astralis is gone.

  7. Bruh, you're awfully full of yourself for someone who couldn't see that Stewie was a top talent. Saying you were the first one to see this liquid line up coming, etc. etc. etc.. A lot of people didn't even like that they traded Taco for Stew, you being one of them.. You got some fuckin revisionist history going on to be honest. You said that the Zeus and Taco trade for Stew and Adren was a bad move, and that you only liked it because people like WARDELL (LMFAO) wouldn't be leaving their team. Stew was an upgrade in almost every facet over Taco. Bigger play maker, awp presence, can solo hold a site like taco, and entries. You said you didn't this lineup would be better than the last, but of course "you called it first" huh? LMAO.