TMN | TRANSIT – Metro Line 456 Los Angeles to Long Beach (Southbound) FULL RIDE

TMN s2e86 | TRANSIT – Metro Line 456 Downtown LA to Downtown Long Beach via I-110 Fwy & I-405 Fwy (Southbound) FULL RIDE

Downtown Los Angeles CA | November 4, 2019 | 1615

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In this episode our crews recorded the entire trip of Metro Line 456 on its first day in operation after nearly thirty years in hiatus. From 7th Street/Metro Center Station in Downtown Los Angeles to Ocean Blvd/Long Beach Blvd in Downtown Long Beach.

Since January 24th till November 1st of this year, this route was identified as Metro Line 860, it served as an temporary express shuttle between Los Angeles and Long Beach while construction crews were remodeling all the stations along the Metro Blue Line corridor (Linton, 2019). Line 860 was very popular with riders who were satisfied with the direct non-stop express portion (Hymon, 2019).

During the three sequential grand re-opening A Line (Blue) community celebrations on November 2, 2019; Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia affirmed its commitment by keeping the express line in place for riders who wished to travel via freeway (TMN, 2019, 33-12).

Metro Line 456 will utilize the I-110 and I-405 Freeway’s bypassing all of the A Line (Blue) stations until Wardlow Station in Long Beach proper. The total distance from Downtown Los Angeles to Downtown Long Beach on Line 456 is 24.3 miles or 39.1 km (Rome2Rio, 2019). The featured vehicle in this episode is a North American Bus Industries 60-BRT CNG (CPTDB, 2019).

From the first stop at 7th Street/Metro Center Station, Line 456 makes two local stops in Downtown Los Angeles before entering the I-110 and later I-405 freeways. Line 456 makes limited stops adjacent to A Line (Blue) Stations along Pacific Ave in the City of Long Beach (MTA, 2019). There will be continuous unedited video coverage from Downtown Los Angeles to Downtown Long Beach.

At the 04:00 mark you will see OCTA Route 721, formerly RTD Line 464 guiding Line 456 to dock, two old friends now operating in different agencies both going home.
The northbound trip of Metro Line 456 will be our next and final episode of the year. These are scenes of that afternoon.

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For schedule information on Metro Line 456 please visit:

For schedule information on temporary Blue Line shuttle Metro Line 860 please visit:

Manufacture: North American Bus Industries
Class: 60-BRT CNG
Metro Fleet Number #9279
Metro Division: 10 (MTA Supervisor on duty informed our crew that transit vehicle #9279 was arriving from Division 10)
VIN Number # Unknown


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