Top 10 Cycling Fails Moments

Top 10 Cycling Fails Moments

Hello Youtube, today we share with you a compilation of top 10 cycling fails moments that will make you cringe and feel thankful it wasn’t you. The last time I remember suffering from an epic fail on a bike was when I was really young. Then again, I haven’t used a bike in forever that if I jumped back on one, I would more than likely fail!!! Some of these cyclists may have practised tricks and routes and yet still manage to fail. While others are not so lucky, it stuns me how some of these cyclists just walk away from their epic fail instead of being dead or severely injured. So, here are the top 10 cycling fails moments.
10. Helicopter Blows Cyclists Off their Bikes During Road Race.

The title is as dramatic as the events that took place on the day. Whether its movement to avoid road furniture, or a rider not paying attention, there are plenty of hazards when riding. But one danger you wouldn’t expect to face being blown off course by a helicopter taking off just metres from the race. Imagine casually getting blown by a helicopter off track. However, for a group of cyclists that wasn’t the case, they were blown off the road by the downdraft of a helicopter during a road race in the Czech Republic!

The helicopter took off just as the riders passed. The front of the peloton got by, but other riders were blown sideways off their bikes which rippled through the field. Even though some viewers criticised the helicopter pilot for causing the crash, witnesses who saw the incident first-hand reported the helicopter to be an air ambulance that had been called to treat a racer who was injured during the race, and that the peloton wasn’t near when the aircraft started taking off.
9. Huge Finish Line Crash at Gran Fondo Malaysia
When you see the finish line, you’d be happy to conclude that you’ve beaten all odds and you are on your way to victory. For two ambitious cyclists, this wasn’t the case, this video shows how the two riders mix it up and slide under the finish banner at CIMB Cycle Gran Fondo Malaysia. The 160km Gran Fondo route, which began and ended at the Ministry of Finance building in Putrajaya, took riders past wildlife reserves, historic sites and the iconic Mercu Tanda Putrajaya landmark, with over 3000m of climbing it was quite unfortunate that these riders had to face their fail just at the end.

In the video, you can hear the full impact as the rider yells to the other riders and ploughs into spectators. Luckily, despite being bruised and scraped, both riders escaped without major injuries. Let’s just say it was a rough ending to a very smooth event, which hosted 3,700 cyclists from 26 countries different countries!
8. Mountain of Hell – there’s a reason why they call it that!

Imagine falling 11,000 feet down the face of a glacier with thousands of other Mountain Bikers, a bad idea as it turns out! The annual “Mountain of Hell” race took place at the Les Deux Alpes ski resort in France and it was the brewing of tragedies. Just minutes after the start there was a hellish pileup as one rider near the front of the pack came off and hit another which set of a domino effect of riders crashing, all at high speeds.

Unbelievably, no one was seriously hurt despite riders crashing into each other, flipping head over heels and riders taking each other out!!! This footage wouldn’t have been possible without the help of one rider’s helmet-mounted camera which was able to capture the first crash that set off a chain reaction. Crazy right?


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