Top 10 WORST Galaxies in Super Mario Galaxy Feat. Nathaniel Bandy !

With over 42 different galaxies in the Nintendo Wii game Super Mario Galaxy, there are some galaxies that are memorable and will remain in your memories forever. There are some other ones that are far less memorable and which you probably already forgot everything about! Today, with the help of my friend Nathaniel Bandy, we will tackle the difficult task of counting down our 10 worst galaxies in Super Mario Galaxy! Here we go!

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🎶 Music Used 🎶
🎵 Tracks from Super Mario Galaxy Original Soundtrack
🎵 Enter the Galaxy
🎵 Space Fantasy
🎵 The Honeyhive
🎵 Dusty Dune Galaxy
🎵 Buoy Base Galaxy
🎵 Beach Bowl Galaxy
🎵 Battlerock Galaxy
🎵 Ice Mountain
🎵 Aquatic Race
🎵 Star Ball
🎵 The Star Festival
🎵 The Toad Brigade

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