Prime Songs 2020 🏆 Prime 40 Common Songs Playlist 2020 🏆 Finest english Music Assortment 2020
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Prime Hits 2020 🏆 Prime 40 Common Songs Playlist 2020 🏆 Finest english Music Assortment 2020

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  1. Here are some problems with this:
    1. These are all covers (explainable through copyright laws). Your title says Top Songs not Top Covers.
    2. Perfect by Ed Sheeran was a hit in 2018. This is a collection of 2020 hits.
    3. Señorita was a 2019 hit.
    4. Girls Like You was a 2018 & 2019 hit.
    5. You misspelled Girls.
    6. I Don't Care was a 2019 hit.
    7. Don't Wanna Know was a 2017 hit.
    8. Work From Home was a hit more than five years ago.
    9. You misspelled Circles.
    10. I'm a Mess by Bebe Rexha was a hit last year.
    11. IDGAF was from 2018.
    12. Without Me was from last year.
    13. You misspelled Halsey.
    14. Sorry was relevant in 2016.
    15. What About Us was made a while ago (forgot the info on this one)
    16. If I Can't Have You was a 2019 hit.
    17. Dusk Till Dawn isn't a hit right now, but it is relevant due to TikTok.
    18. You Are The Reason was made before 2020.
    19. I'm a Mess is here twice.
    20. IDGAF is here twice.
    21. Love Me Like You Do was made more than five years ago.
    22. Wolves was a 2017 hit
    23. Speechless was a hit last year.
    24. Speechless is spelled wrong.
    25. Sweet But Psycho was a 2019 hit
    26. You Are The Reason is here twice.
    27. Dusk Till Dawn is here twice.
    28. Hello was relevant a while back.
    29. Happier was a 2019 hit
    30. Something Just Like This was a 2017 hit
    31. Circles is here twice.
    32. Rockabye is no longer relevant.
    33. Rain is spelled wrong.
    34. I don't even know what Let Me You Do is.
    35. Dancing With a Stranger was a 2019 hit.
    36. You spelled stranger wrong.
    I can forgive spelling errors, since English might not be your native language. But, this is a list of 2020 hits. Most of these aren't from 2020. You need to find new songs.

  2. Great list.

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