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Toughest Bicycle Ride – Hopelessly Stuck in the Mud! Tajikistan brings it all: mud, rain, sweat, bad advice and incredible friendship, the ingredients that made this part of cycling the world unforgettable. The day starts with bad luck while heading out on the first big pass on the famous Pamir Highway. Sections of mud make progress slow and demanding. We meet a cycling veteran who helps us tackle the most steep and muddy section on which cycling is impossible. It takes hours to push several hundred meters and everything is caked in mud. Worn down we proceed to climb the next 1000m in altitude to the pass…

To see, feel, smell, hear and taste everything the road has to offer will be so much different than watching a documentary or reading a book about it. Sometimes it will be difficult and most of the time fantastic. We hope you will find inspiration in our video’s and maybe fuel your dreams as so many other have done for us.

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