Travel Chinese Conversations: 150 Useful Sentences for Traveling – Learn Mandarin Chinese

Real Travel Chinese Conversations for Tourists – Learn Mandarin Chinese
Are you ready to take a trip to China? In this video, we’re going to teach you 150 useful travel Chinese sentences to help you speak Chinese in practice when you are traveling in China. It contains 13 conversations about traveling in China:
Day 1: Going through customs
Day 2: Taking a taxi
Day 3: Checking in at a hotel
Day 4: Ordering food at a restaurant
Day 5: Paying the bill
Day 6: Asking for directions
Day 7: Buying tickets at a tourist attraction
Day 8: Ordering coffee at a coffee shop
Day 9: Bargaining
Day 10: Buying fruits
Day 11: Checking out of a hotel
Day 12: Checking in at the airport
Day 13: Getting through airport security
If you have any questions, please tell us in comment. Thanks!
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