Travel VLOG | Bike rides & boat trips | Holland 2019 | UK Adoption

Hi all,

Our recent trip to Holland was incredible! This is the second vlog from this trip as we had so many amazing memories to capture!
Look out for the hilarious clips of daddy trying to blow up our new air seats!

Books for reference:

Renée Wolfs
Adoption conversations; What, when and how to tell (2008)

Margot Sunderland
Conversations that matter; Talking with children and teenagers in ways that help (2015)

Margot Sunderland
What every parent needs to know; Love nurture and play with your child (2016) 2nd Edition

Jamie Lee Curtis
Tell me again about the night I was born

Keiko Kasza
A mother for Choco

Sharlie Zinniger
Yes, I’m adopted!

Morris & the bundle of worries

The Teazles’ Baby Bunny

Elfa & the box of memories

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