Traveling New Zealand! Future Events in New Zealand, Seismic Activity & Lemuria Rising.

New Zealand is such a stunning place full of natural beauty! The fjords on the south island… WOW!
Traveling through NZ has definitely opened my eyes on how beautiful earth is. (I know I’ll probably be saying that again in my future travels, lol) There’s just so much to see!

Hope you guys enjoy some of the footage in this video, there’s also huge changes coming to NZ. Some re-shaping of the land will happen in the from of seismic activity, this is all due to Lemuria rising again in the Pacific. In 2018, we saw an uptick on volcanic activity on Big Island, Hawaii. Then in 2019, a couple of earthquakes hit southern California (they were just a warm up). The fault line that will eventually split the pacific plate follows down into NZ & the gold coast of Australia. Some of that information is talked about in this vlog, there’s also other things I forgot/left, which will be touched on in later videos.



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