Trip-A-Deal China 2019 – Beijing and Xian

In September 2019 Krish and I set off on a whirl wind tour of China with a company called TRIP-A-DEAL. This is part 1 of our 18 day experience which takes in Beijing and Xian, The Forbidden city, The Great Wall of China and the amazing Terracotta Warriors.

With us were 38 other travelers from all parts of Australia. Elderly couple young at heart to families with children it was an amazing bunch to tour with.

We experienced amazing foods from famous Peking Duck to local home made delights, saw sights that my eyes could not open wide enough to fully take in and met locals with more personality than you can believe.

Follow us as we go from place to place, nearly 3000 kilometers using high speed rail, take a beautiful river cruise down the Yangtze river and finish with 2 days in Hong Kong.


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