Everyday, from right now, gonna use our voices and scream out loud!🎶 Watch Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens perform “Everyday” in the official music video from High School Musical 2! Show some love in the comments below!

High School Musical 2. Start Streaming November 12. Only on Disney+.

And get ready for High School Musical: The Musical: The Series streaming November 12. Only on Disney+.

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Music video by Troy, Gabriella performing Everyday (From “High School Musical 2”). © 2007 Walt Disney Records
Troy, Gabriella – Everyday (From "High School Musical 2")

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  1. Letras
    Once in a lifetime
    Means there's no second chance
    So I believe that you and me
    Should grab it while we can
    Make it last forever
    And never give it back
    It's our turn, and I'm loving where we're at
    Because this moment's really all we have
    Of our lives
    Wanna find to there, wanna hold on tight
    Gonna run
    While we're young
    And keep the faith
    From right now
    Gonna use our voices and scream out loud
    Take my hand
    Together we will celebrate
    Oh, everyday .
    They say that you should follow
    And chase down what you dream
    But if you get lost and lose yourself
    What does is really mean?
    No matter where we're going
    It starts from where we are .
    There's more to life when we listen to our hearts
    And because of you, I've got the strength to start
    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

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  3. I was 14 when HM3 came out, 13 when HM2 came out and 11 when HM1 came out. If you're thinking this math can't be right, you're right technically it can't, but the first one came in 2006 just before my 12th birthday in 2006. HM2 came out in 2007 after my 13th birthday. Same thing with HM3; it came out after my 14th birthday.