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00:39 – Drake Moon Defying Valve Gambling Rules with Drake Wing
2:26 – CSGO Most Watched eSport of November! Over Dota/LoL
2:51 – DreamHack Las Vegas Teams, Ex-NRG and Euro Team Hmm
4:00 – FACEIT and ESEA Holiday Updates
4:44 – PEA Explanation, Reginald vs. TSM Sean Gares, Twistzz
4:44 – Sgares, Shahzam, Twistzz Sticking Together
10:53 – The BIG Christmas Giveaway for CSGO News!
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  1. Lol Reginald is a grade A scumbag, don't defend him before you do your research. Yes I know research! This is probably a foreign concept to you, but I really recommend it when you're attempting to be a "news" channel.

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