Watch Lemonade Mouth on Disney Channel!



  1. well i love this movie and the songs its been so long but the song will never get old thats for sure i love lemonade mouth

  2. @theinformation50 why do people post this.some lil kid might read it and it could scare them btw im bad at spelling

  3. a boi called scott jackson a 14 year old died in 2006 dec 24 the doctors did not knw what happened and the mother checked in his room and she noticed that he had a chain mail if u dont send this 2 6 pips u will be killed by a girl with no face 2night

  4. Disney Channel! I Bet Yall Are Happy This Is Probably Your Biggest Movie Since The Cheetah Girls! Thats In My Opinion! Bt I REAALLY THINK THERE SHOULD BE A SEQUEL!!!

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