Two Wide FOV VR Headsets Compared! (Pimax 5K+ vs Valve Index)

Currently, there are no VR headsets in the same price range with a wider field of view than the Pimax 5K Plus and the Valve Index. So let’s compare them! Timestamps below.
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On paper, the specs of the Pimax 5K+ and the Valve Index are pretty similar. So if you are looking to buy one of these high-end VR headsets, then you might want to know what the differences are and which one you should buy.

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00:01 – What is this video about and what headsets are we comparing?
00:55 – Display Clarity
01:58 – Screen Door Effect (SDE), Glare, Sweet Spot
02:44 – Refresh Rate
03:13 – Interpupillary Distance (IPD) Adjustment
03:39 – Field Of View (FOV)
05:01 – Performance
05:45 – Tracking
06:04 – Audio
06:36 – Comfort
07:30 – Build Quality
07:45 – Cables & Ports
07:54 – Glasses Fit
08:33 – Pricing & Our recommendation

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* We bought the Valve Index ourselves.

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