“Back To The Start” – The Debut single from Tyler Colt.

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TWITTER: @tylercoltmusic
INSTAGRAM: @tylercoltmusic
Website: WWW.TylerColt.Com

Availible now on iTunes


Song Written By Tyler Colt & Jerod Farne
Directed by Jerod Farnes
Director of Photography and Editing by kerry Porter
Music Arranged by Jerod Farnes & Christopher Algarin
Tyler Colt – "Back To The Start" – Official Music Video


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  1. Tyler, I have a business proposal for you. I know you're reading this.

    I can make you famous. Your music gives people hope. I was very sick on a business trip in Saudi Arabia and after I heard this song, I felt like I was back in my childhood home in Carentan, France holding my grammy's hand and drinking homemade tea. I know you're reading this.

    What is the black teacher's name in this video? Do you have his contact information? He's the key to your success. I would strongly suggest taking him and his bow tie with you around the world. I can make you famous. Please call me. And have your black teacher call me. I will make you famous. I will make you both famous. Tyler, take my hand and we will explore the depths of success and fame forever.

    I'm honored to have seen this,

    Kevin Lodato
    Hairbrush Media and Marketing