By the time this was posted, the President has already temporarily banned travel to PH from China by foreigners of any nationality.

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  1. Respect Begets Respect. The last line, Good words will be words at the end of the day. Chinese Government did not Respect our Sovereign Rights and they also mock the filipino by going into war if we assert our rights. Call this karma or whatever but the sad thing is that innocent people are the one who suffers the most. I only wish that if ever they (china) overcome this tragic event, i hope they will be more Kind to others specially to us that they call allies.

  2. 14 days ang incubation period i think it’s not wise to let the Chinese travel to Philippines and then isolate them for 14 days and the risk is very high and our medical facilities is not 100% ready for this kind of problem ..

  3. Pilipinos are too emotional. Can't think rationally on a challenging situation. Daming daldal…Simple questions need Simple answers. .Virus comes from China and the carrier is chinese. Ban chinese directly coming from China but not Chinese who's out of China for 14 days or more and coming from other countries …


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