Useful Utility: Inferno [T] [Smokes]

The Helpful Utility collection will probably be damaged down into totally different maps, [CT/T] [Smokes/Flashes/Mollies]

0:08 CT spawn from T spawn
0:30 High banana automotive from T spawn
1:20 Banana nook from T spawn
1:52 CT spawn from banana
2:19 CT spawn from banana
3:03 Coffins from banana
3:55 Entrance B web site smoke from banana
4:30 Entrance B web site smoke from banana
4:44 2nd entrance B web site smoke from banana
5:20 Deep CT spawn from banana
5:58 Arch aspect from T spawn
6:23 Porch aspect from T spawn
6:37 High center from T spawn
7:23 Arch aspect from mid
7:35 Arch aspect from mid
8:25 Porch aspect from mexi
8:40 Moto from mexi
8:52 Mini pit from mid
9:16 Arch from mid
9:33 Library from mid
9:55 Library from high mid
10:17 Spawn wrap from mid
10:27 Spawn wrap from high mid
10:41 Balcony from mid
11:05 Balcony from mid
11:33 Balcony lurk/a technique from halls
12:16 Entrance A web site from high mid
12:29 Entrance graveyard from mid
12:46 Moto from mid
13:24 Entrance pit from mid

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