VEGAN MECCA in TORONTO, CANADA + Biggest Vegan Food Fest in North America

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Toronto is truly a vegan mecca. There are so many vegan restaurants, bakeries, clothing stores, and even an all vegan grocery store! We didn’t even scratch the surface of all the amazing places to check out in the city.

What we did see:

-Fresh Restaurant: This is one of my absolute favorite restaurants! The entire menu is delicious, definitely get the buffalo cauliflower though if you go. They have locations all over the city.

-Bloomers: The donuts and bagels at this place are epic. The bagels are more dense and chewy compared to your standard bagel, but it’s amazing. Order it with the cashew cheese.

-Sam James Coffee Bar: They have the best coffee! There are several locations around the city. We personally love their cold brew and soy cappuccinos. Bring cash or Canadian card (if you are canadian).

-Kensington Market: This is located in the heart of the city and is a really fun area to check out. They have tons of vegan restaurants and cafes located here. The Natural Market is also located here.

-The Coffee Lab: Located in downtown, not too far from Chinatown. This place is just plain fun because its a one-man operation in what just looks like a window store front.

-Steam Whistle Brewery: A great place to check out trains and drink beer if you are into that sort of thing like the cameraman is 🙂

-Good Rebel: An all vegan grocery store. This is a must stop when you are visiting Toronto. Bring a cooler and buy some of the many artisanal cheeses they have there. The vegan cheese options in Canada blows our options in the U.S. outta the water!

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