VR Headset Cheaper Full Body Tracking For Most VR headsets With Kinect & Driver4VR (Review on Oculus Rift)

Cas shows you a cheaper way to do full body tracking on any VR headset that works with SteamVR using just a Kinect 360 sensor with Driver4VR.
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This video is to show you that there is a cheaper way to do VR full body tracking in games like VRChat. All you need is the Kinect 360 sensor. The Kinect power supply with a usb connection so you can connect it to the computer. And lastly, you need to install the free Kinect Drivers and then the Driver4VR software.

The cheapest Kinect sensor is about 20 dollars, the power supply is 10 bucks and the Driver4VR software is about 20 dollars as well. You can try out the Driver4VR software for a half hour for free to see if it works for you and if you think it works well before buying.

In this video Cas will show you how the Driver4VR Kinect calibration works and at the end of this video we’ll let you know what we think of Driver4VR for full body tracking.

Download links and instructions:
1. Install Kinect Drivers

2. Create an account on
3. Install Driver4VR
4. Put the Kinect camera at about 2 meters height and connect to PC via additional adapter.
5. In Driver4VR select only Kinect: Skeleton in body tracking option
6. In Driver4VR press the Start button and you will see two buttons ‘Calibrate’ and ‘Calibrate NEW’ next to body tracking option. Use Calibrate only if Calibrate NEW doesn’t work for you.
7, In the calibration window you should see your skeleton in preview, which tracks your body. Adjust the tilt angle for the Kinect sensor to point down if it isn’t tracked right. For example -18 degree. Ensure you are visible to the Kinect.

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