Want Better Performance? Consider These Upgrades For Your Quad Bike

Bigger Tires

Everyone knows that larger tires are great but bigger is not always better. Today we are presented with too much choice. There is a huge variety of tire treads, tire manufacturers and tire sizes to select from so lets leave this specific tire argument for another day and acknowledge the performance upgrade a larger diameter can deliver.

There is always a trade-off with factory fitted mud tires as most vehicle manufacturers do not supply a superior ATV tire as standard. Standard mud tires can often feel a little loose at times and is the main reason that most riders look for a tire upgrade.

We are focusing on two upgrades for your ATV. The first one is to increase your mud tire size from your standard stock tires. This delivers better traction over rugged terrain by increasing the tire footprint for a more aggressive ride. We know we are going to get increased stability, killer looks and superior grip on the terrain of our choice.

To clear most off-road obstacles with ease, a suspension modification coupled with a more aggressive mud tire is what most owners see as the perfect solution. One important consideration is to take into account the clearance level needed for a larger diameter tire. An increase in tire size is only half the job, we need a lifting kit to raise the suspension up and over these larger tires to provide sufficient clearance. When going for larger tires do not ignore the increase in total tire weight over standard stock mud tires. We have calculated that there is nearly a 2 miles per gallon increase when upgrading from a 35 to a 37 inch tire on average. This needs to be factored in for all those you large tire fans.

Suspension Modification

The second upgrade is a new suspension kit. There are many lifting kits to choose from and for this analysis we are discussing the Trail Master’s 6 inch lift kit. This may seem an excessive jump in suspension lift considering we’re heading upwards a further 6 inches, but this guarantees the tire will not rub on the fender or front bumper with zero sheet metal or plastic trimming. The Trail Master kit features larger tubular radius arms with urethane bushings and smooth shocks.

We road tested the Trail Masters kit, and found that stability was not a problem even at higher speeds. Not only that, but the off-road ability of our vehicle with 6 inches of lift and new tires improved tremendously.

Overall the Trail Master experience was a positive one and we would recommend this piece of kit. We usually prefer longer sway bar links instead of drop brackets, but Trail Master’s fully welded brackets do seem effective. One small complaint lies in the design on the springs. Trail Master in their wisdom have the front spring eye lower than the rear. This results in the back mud tires pushing towards the bedside of the vehicle.

When you consider an upgrade for your ATV, you need to focus on a new set of tires and a new suspension modification kit. Spend a little time and see what your budget can stretch to you will be amazed at the improved level of performance these two upgrades can deliver.

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