What Doctors Are Learning From Autopsy Findings of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Patients

What Medical doctors Are Studying From Post-mortem Findings of New Coronavirus Sufferers | COVID-19
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As soon as the SARS-CoV-2 virus is deeply embedded within the physique, it begins to trigger extra extreme illness. That is the place the direct assault on different organs which have ACE2 receptors can happen, together with coronary heart muscle, kidneys, blood vessels, liver, and the mind. Early findings, together with these from a number of autopsies and biopsy stories, present that viral particles will be discovered not solely within the nasal passages and throat, but in addition in tears, stool, kidneys, liver, pancreas, and coronary heart. One case report discovered proof of viral particles within the CSF, that means the fluid across the mind. That affected person had meningitis.

So the coronavirus is usually going to all these completely different organs by the use of attaching to the ACE2 receptors which can be there, however that’s not even the entire story.

As a result of in some COVID-19 instances, by the point the physique’s immune system figures out the physique are being invaded, it is like unleashing the navy to stomp out the virus, and in that course of, there’s a ton of collateral harm. That is what we check with because the cytokine storm. When the coronavirus will get into the alveolar cells, that means the tiny little air sacs inside the lungs, it makes a ton of copies of itself and goes onto invading extra cells. The alveoli’s next-door neighbor is guessed who, yeah, the tiniest blood vessels in our physique, capillaries. And the liner of these capillaries is named the endothelium, which additionally has ACE2 receptors. And as soon as the coronavirus invades the capillaries. It implies that it serves because the set off for the onslaught of irritation AND clotting. Early post-mortem outcomes are additionally exhibiting extensively scattered clots in a number of organs. In a single research from the Netherlands, 1/third of hospitalized with COVID-19 received clots regardless of already being on prophylactic doses of blood thinners. So not solely are you getting the irritation with the cytokine storm, however you’re additionally forming blood clots, that may journey to different elements of the physique, and trigger main blockages, successfully damaging these organs.

So it could actually trigger organ harm by
1) Immediately attacking organs by their ACE2 receptor – Sure!
2) Not directly attacking organs by the use of collateral harm from the cytokine storm – Sure!
3) Not directly trigger harm to organs by the use of blood clots – Sure!
4) Not directly trigger harm because of low oxygen ranges, improper ventilator settings, drug remedies themselves, and/or all of these items mixed – Sure!

Endothelial cells are extra susceptible to dying in individuals with preexisting endothelial dysfunction, which is extra usually related to being a male, being a smoker, having hypertension, diabetes, and weight problems. Blood clots can type and/or journey to different elements of the physique. When blood clots journey to the toes, and trigger blockages in blood circulation there, that means ischemia or infarction, that may trigger gangrene there. And many occasions sufferers with gangrene require amputation, and “COVID toes”

So is antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, the reason for all these blood clots in sufferers with extreme COVID? Possibly. Some sufferers with APS have what’s referred to as catastrophic APS, the place these sufferers can have strokes, seizures, coronary heart assaults, kidney failure, ARDS, pores and skin modifications like those I discussed. Viral infectious ailments, significantly these of the respiratory tract, have been reported as being the triggers for CAPS.

Numerous components enhance the danger of creating arterial thrombosis. Classically, the cardiovascular-dependent danger components implicated in clotting have been hypertension, that means hypertension, excessive ranges of ldl cholesterol, smoking, diabetes, age, chemotherapy, and diploma of an infection. All of those contribute towards creating arterial thrombosis.

A variety of sufferers with extreme COVID-19 have sure labs that resemble DIC, corresponding to elevated PT/INR, elevated PTT, decreased ranges of platelets. However the cause why these Coronavirus sufferers who developed clots within the research I discussed earlier, the explanation why they don’t have DIC, is definitely 2 causes, one, they weren’t having in depth bleeding, and two, they didn’t have low fibrinogen ranges. And if its actually DIC, you’ll have each of these issues.

Anyway, you may most likely glean from this video why it is so exhausting for docs to determine what’s going on with this virus. Between the variable methods this illness can current in numerous sufferers, and the completely different ways in which organs can undergo harm, yeah, that is actually, actually actually, difficult.

Are BLOOD CLOTS the explanation why COVID-19 sufferers are dying?
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