What's the Best Electric Bike?

People frequently ask me “what’s the best electric bike” so I wanted to make this the first “Ask Court Anything” video. In this episode, I talk about the reality that there is no one best electric bike, that price and purpose play a big role in narrowing it down. Then, I tell you my favorite ebike… which is the Riese & Müller Delite. This full suspension dual battery ebike with a suspended rack, fenders, and lights, uses premium Bosch drive systems and is available as a speed pedelec. Other favorites include Rad Power Bikes for Value, M2S for uniqueness, and a new one called the DOST FATE which hasn’t launched yet but looks really cool (mid drive, dual battery option, throttle, speed pedelec). To ask me a question about ebikes, post a new thread in the EBR Forums at


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