After making a roster change at the beginning of 2020, Na’Vi regarded set to overcome the CS:GO world.

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Changing GuardiaN with Perfecto, the crew weren’t solely rejuvenated, however in blistering kind. They stormed by way of IEM Katowice with such unstoppable ferocity that this one event win alone was sufficient for followers to start out speculating a couple of potential Na’Vi period.

With the ESL One Rio Main quick approaching, it regarded prefer it was lastly s1mple’s time to assert that long-awaited Main trophy – till the event circuit floor to a halt amid the pandemic.

On-line, Na’Vi have regarded a shadow of the crew that dominated IEM Katowice, struggling even towards tier-two home opponents. The query now must be requested – have Na’Vi missed their second as soon as once more? Will s1mple ever discover the sustained championship success befitting the best CS:GO participant of all time?


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  1. i mean you can hear why from their comms, they just yell the whole time instead of keeping silent and just giving nececary info

  2. Of course they can bounce back. Let's not forget, this pandemic (and the physical and emotional stress that comes with it) is probably one of the reasons why they're on a slump. Players are getting restless left and right and some are even temporarily retiring (or taking a break). Once their lifestyle becomes more positive, their mindset will be ready for future tournaments.

  3. Been supporting since the very start of CSGO. It hasn't been an easy road. I really hope they'll bounce back.

  4. Navi took the hardest hit due to corona because they never really played online they have only played lan. So most of their players aren’t use to online.

  5. Electronic has really bad internet in his house and when they are playing in events or tournaments they have to play from home because of the global pandemic going on right now and its just different for them

  6. it feels like navi is just a dog online team, i hope this is true so they can start destroying on lan again

  7. I've been watching him for like 4 years and it pains me that he still doesnt have a major. But Im a believer. I hope s1mple wins the Rio Major with or without Navi.

  8. lol navi era!they r just a good team and nothing.and there are some people who believes that a navi era man its a joke.i think about era u think about astralis,faze,liquide cause they have good player.navi on the other hand gets carried by s1mple and electronic .Navi era =dream/joke.

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