What a major it’s been already…

Reddit post:

When I’m iBuypower:
MLG Columbus 2016 Legends & Challengers Hype Montage

Music: Sporty-o – Let me hit it (audiostalkers original mix)

Credit to CSGO:Recap for Fnatic vs Team Liquid Highlights video

Big thanks for Allef Designs for making me and new youtube profile picture and other banners

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  1. Your csgo videos are pretty much the best i've seen on youtube. Especially your "when i'm" videos, the frags are just so perfectly synched with the beats of the music, i've seen only one other youtuber come close but even then it wasn't as good as your's.

    Make more pls kappa.

  2. Top quality video. It's hilarious watching the fnatic fanboys trying desperately to damage control their loss by pulling excuses out of their ass. I mean, I actually saw some hltv(surprise surprise) mongoloid trying to say that Dust2 is the best map for an underdog to win like Liquid? What does that even mean? Dust2 is also one of fnatic's best maps, even Thorin said so. What a joke.