Which VR Headset Should You Get? | (Full Specs Comparison) Rift vs Vive vs PSVR | Shotana VS.

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Today I make a informative video about the top 3 Virtual Reality headsets that are hitting the market fairly soon. Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and the PlayStation VR. Also I am mainly comparing the devices at launch and what comes in the box. Which VR helmet wins? or better yet, Which one is right for you? Which VR headset to buy? Vive vs Rift vs PSVR.
What headset are you most excited for? Leave a response in the comments below, and lets keep it civil guys. It doesn’t matter what headset you choose, we are all ending up in the same virtual world.
In reality there is no best vr headset, they all have their strength in weaknesses objectively. Yes price is included in this.

Update: Oculus rift is now boasting DRM….
Well, this should dissuade some people, like me.

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Specifications chart:

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I need to try out the PSVR at my local Best Buy or Gamestop.

Oh looks like another challenger has appeared. Microsoft VR has been announced, and it looks will go for $299. Whoo. YES! More competition will make sure all the headsets will get better and better, also will solidify its future.


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