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World Health Organisation chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on February 3 that there was no need for measures that “unnecessarily interfere with international travel and trade” amid the coronavirus outbreak. Many countries, including the US, Australia and Singapore, are trying to contain the spread of the new virus by denying entry to people who have visited China recently or restricting flights to and from China.

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  1. There is no WHO, only CHO ( China health organisation)。 Let Taiwan Join WHO, We have advance medical technology, and we separate the Conora Virus successful as the first 4th countries in the World. China should stop using their immoral political influence to against Taiwan join WHO. Taiwan is not a part of the China, it is a lie exactly like the way they deal conora virus for last 50 days. China arrested 8 doctors who informed the public at 1/1 2020, and claimed they are liars even through the china center news broadcast to whole their people.

  2. Isn't this the same body that said it wasn't an emergency then shortly there after declared it an international emergency? Trade is one thing, but denying visitors makes sense until China gets the outbreak in their backyard under control. It makes sense to be proactive as that is the obligation of those governments is to protect their citizens and by doing so they also protect the world population. That Chinese rep says science over rumors, solidarity over stigma, but that isn't going to happen if the Chinese government isn't totally honest and open with the international community. The Chinese government has been reluctant to do that which has only made the matter worse for all involved.

  3. I dont have any medical background so i might be wrong but the statement is kinda weird. When they know that the virus can be spread vis person to person and the suspected patient come from or visted china especially wuhan in this few weeks.

    Well maybe this is the sign of how powerful china is right now.

  4. As a Chinese, banning flights from epicentre is needed. That's why China lockdown the city. People are afraid of the virus because the media have over warmed people and made them panic.
    And again, this guy never heard of plague inc.

  5. It is not a political issue to mention Taiwan's accession to the World Health Organization WHO. Opposition to membership is a political issue. The WHO organization defines health as "perfect state in physical, mental and social life". The main functions include: promoting the prevention and control of epidemics and endemic diseases; providing and improving teaching and training on public health, disease medical treatment and related matters; and promoting the establishment of international standards for biological products. The work does not include what WHO officials said: It is recommended that countries do not stop traveling and trading with China.

  6. How his person could be DIRECTOR GENERAL of WHO, this VIRUS is spreading just because of AIR TRAVELLING, is he going to take the responsibility of people that are going to die outside CHINA, is he going to look after them ?


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