Why Cyclists Don't Need a Gym for Strength

‘Blood Sport – The Cyclists’ Blood Bible’ Available Now: 💉

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Zwift Set-up ⤵
• Wahoo Kickr Smart Trainer:
• AfterShokz Headphones:
• 3x Vacmaster Fans:
• Secondary Fan:
• Heart Rate Monitor:
• Ant+ Dongle:
• Laptop:
• Training Mat:

Cycling Gear ⤵
• Yoeleo 38mm Carbon Wheels:
• Power Meter:

Blood Building Food ⤵
• 10% Off Fresh Spirulina: (BLOOD10)
• Organic Spirulina Powder:
• Beet-It Nitrate 3000:
• Organic Black Beans:

Blood Building Tools ⤵
• Hemoglobin Meter:
• Home Iron Deficiency Test Kit:
• B12 Injections:
• 50% Off Blood Testing:

Recovery Tools ⤵
• Foam Roller:
• Massage Stick:


About Me ⤵
My name is Ash, I’m a cyclist that since 2016 has lost over 17 kilos and transformed my fitness from an FTP of 3.2 w/kg to 5.2 w/kg. This channel is all about sharing that journey to reach my fitness potential with you so that we can all become more powerful cyclists together.

If you wish to harness the power of your blood as I did to reach your fitness potential, I’ve condensed everything you need to know into ‘Blood Sport – The Cyclists’ Blood Bible’ available now:

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