Why I believed that it is NOT Possible to Beat Super Mario 3D Land Without Touching a Coin.

Sadly it is not possible to beat Super Mario 3D Land without collecting a single coin. The game features evil coins, that decided to settle down in such a way that we are simply forced to collect them. Nonetheless there are still coins in Super Mario 3D Land that only appear to be unavoidable, coins that want to trick us into picking them up even though it is absolutely not necessary. So today we are going to take a look at the most problematic coins in Super Mario 3d Land, we will investigate which coins can be avoided even though they appear to be undodgeable and we will find out what the least amount of coins required to beat Super Mario 3D land is.

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MayroSMM – How many coins does it take to beat Super Mario 3D World?

Nicobbq – Is it possible to beat Super Mario World without touching a single coin?

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