Women climbing a dance pole without using legs! Power BAR Fit – Dallas TX

Try a Spin at Pole Dancing!!

It is NOT what you think….which is probably unattainable as most beginner pole dance students fear. Pole Dancing is like any other form of fitness and requires program adherence so you can condition. Our dance classes are low impact and our poles can hold over 200 pounds of body weight. Unlike other fitness studios we start you off in our beginner pole dancing class with all new students just like you. You will learn the basics of pole fitness through beginner tricks and dance choreography. You will have a safe place to ask all of your questions and be guided safely on how to execute pole tricks and spins. Pole Dancing although not new, is emerging in the gym circuits as the go to exercise for women and men who want to try something new. This exercise program is unlike Zumba because it has a high emphasis on weight training yet not like cross fit where the class can become over bearing. Pole Dancing uses your own body weight and teaches you body awareness. This method of fitness also gives you great mental confidence and build self esteem.

You owe it to yourself to try something new and out the box. Join a pole class with Power BAR Women’s Fitness today and see what this great fitness class is all about!



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