Worlds Best Christmas Commercial – Skydiving Santa and Elves

Ever wondered how your package gets to you door during the holidays. Well now you know! haha

Had such an epic time bringing this vision to life! Huge shout to MVMT for always supporting our crazy ideas!!

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The Team:
Morgan Oliver-Allen – Director, Writer, Producer, Filmer, Editor, Set Designer, Skydiving Head Elf
Zach Mox – A cam and milk n cookies Skydiving Elf
Albert Azouz – Skydiving SANTA
Jeremiah Davis – Skydiving Elf
Jacob Riglin – Skydiving Elf, Set Design
Emilio Maglione – Skydiving Elf
Ralph – Skydiving Elf
Grace Erickson – MVMT Shopper
Sam Gaynes – Background Elf at door
Sean MacCormac – Aerial Camera
Corey Milne – B Cam, Writer
Jeff Vanags – C Cam
Robbie Snader – Ground Support Legend


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