World's Greatest Athlete – Wheelbarrow Parkour!

The World’s Greatest Athlete, William Barrow. We captured the first ever triple freak squeak into a double twisty turbine spine twist! Wheel Barrel parkour on another level!

William Barrow is Matt Mattson
He is an incredible actor/comedian, wheel barrow parkour athlete! Follow him on instagram right now, thank me later:

Gigantic thanks to the Utah Olympic Park. That was the massive ski location you saw in the film. It’s also where they filmed the 2002 Winter Olympics. Check them out here:

Huge thanks to John Bethers and Super Ramp Technologies for letting us film all their incredible ramps! If you’re looking for a BMX, Skate, or any kind of ramp, they are the people to go to!

Here’s the video we saw that inspired our film:

Film by Teamsupertramp
Directed and Filmed by Devin Graham
Produced by Creighton Baird
Edited by Jeff Hein in Adobe Premiere
Sound Design by Dan Pugsley
Colored by Ryan Romanovitch
VFX animations by King Ceryn

Filmed in 8K with the Red Monstro Camera. Aerial shots were done in 6K with the DJI Inspire 2.

Most of the music was licensed through MusicBed, :
Fable by Ryan Taubert
Lethal Shot by Generdyn
Right Now – Instrumental by The Seige
Left Coast II – Instrumental by Ruslan
How I Feel – Instrumental by Ruslan
Nectarine – Instrumental by The Shears
Sant Andreu by Kyle McEvoy
Showbiz – Instrumental by Dream Junkies
Song For No One by Lowercase Noises
Roller Skates by Virgil Arles
Breath – Instrumental by Ex Makina
Sleepless Nights by A.M. Architect
Chatoyant by Anton Belov

By Con Bro Chill:
All Time –
The Love –

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