Why separate worm castings in your backyard when you’ll be able to simply have them each collectively! Try the wintertime indoor backyard on the SSL Household Farm as we replant and put together for a winter rising season inside.

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  1. How are the fungus gnats doing? Also, I have to imagine that the worms are doing great, but if you ever run low on compost, they might start eating the roots?

  2. The issue that this gentleman will face is simple: more compost than the little holes he can dig can handle. Big holes and he will run the risk of disrupting root systems. separate bins is necessary, IMO.

  3. I've never had any worm-based issues with seeds. My worm factory is filled with yellow and white plants trying to find the light. Back when I had the bedding from my daughter's hamster, the sprouts used to lift the lid off and grow out of the bin.

  4. Your drainage is not compost tea, it is leachate. Still good for plants but not nearly as beneficial as worm compost tea. Also, red wigglers will not eat viable seeds or anything that is not decaying. Actually they don't eat the veggies or plant matter at all, they eat the microbes that break down the veggies.

  5. Are there any items that are a for sure “no no” when you compost? Or do you throw pretty much everything in there?

  6. What about the smell? Is that why it's in the basement? Also, why not just plant up some pots so you don't have to start over if the worms eat the seeds. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Question about temperatures. I'd love to do something similar in my basement, but to save money I keep temps at about 60 degrees in my basement. I'm wondering if anything would grow at all at those temps.

  8. The worms shouldn't bother anything you plant as they only eat dead things. Also, I've found that of you blend your food scraps the worms can eat it faster, and egg shells don't break down very much so it looks nicer. I suppose how it looks isn't too much of a concern for you since you don't have to harvest the castings.
    Edit: Whenever I harvest my worm bin I will find hundreds of sprouts from seeds that got added. So either worms don't eat seeds or the seeds can survive going through a worm's gut.

  9. Great video as always. I bet the worms will be okay with the live plants. Those potatoes may overrun the other root vegetables. Experimentation is half the fun of gardening so Ill look forward to finding out!

  10. Not sure you will do well with the potatoes. The root crops maybe. Worms do exist in outdoor soil and don't disturb a garden outside so you should do ok.

  11. Great info! Keep up the vids! I have been watching your channel for years and I still love the videos! God bless

  12. Hi, I really enjoy your comments & videos, I gave you a like#4 and subbed#73k to your channel, it would be great if you could do the same, thanks and keep up the good work~ =)

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