John from goes on a discipline journey to Nature’s Means Assets in Conroe, Texas to share with you the worst and finest wooden chip mulch you should utilize in your vegetable backyard.

On this episode, you’ll study wooden chip mulch. You’ll uncover how the perfect kind of mulch is made. You’ll be taught if it is higher to have single supply wooden chip mulch or multi-source mulch,

You’ll study lots of the breakdown steps to creating the perfect mulch and why you should not use dyed mulches accessible in plastic luggage.

You’ll uncover how wooden chip mulches can add fertility to your soil as an alternative of reducing fertility and how one can keep away from this from occurring.

You’ll be taught from soil scientist, John Ferguson the variations in mulch and the way the carbon to nitrogen ratio can range extensively that may negatively or positively impact your vegetation.

You’ll uncover how some mulch can have a selected objective, similar to to make clay soil extra fertile, or how wooden chip mulch can be utilized to make a parking zone.

You’ll be taught stuff you by no means knew about wooden chip mulch and why rising in straight wooden chips or soil with a excessive share of wooden chips could not all the time be the perfect thought.

Soar to the next components of this episode:
01:19 Greatest Kind of Wooden to Use for Mulch
02:43 Is it higher to chip/shred or grind wooden?
04:46 The kind of Mulch you do not need to use
08:46 Double Floor Mulch – Greatest for Clay
10:50 How does somebody know what sort of mulch they’re shopping for?
11:40 Why you should not purchase mulch made out of pallets
12:25 Why you should not use dyed mulches
13:16 Single sourced wooden mulch vs native mulch
14:30 Partially Aged Mulch
17:23 Why can some mulches kill vegetation?
18:30 Premium Mulch, correctly aged 18 months
19:00 How correctly aged mulch feeds the soil
19:00 How mulch might help pest management
19:50 How correctly aged mulch is fireplace resistant
20:20 How lengthy can mulch feed your backyard?
20:42 how mulch can deliver extra nitrogen into your backyard
22:51 Screened 18-month-old mulch
24:45 how lengthy it takes to make an excellent high quality mulch
25:36 Tips on how to use mulch to make a rising medium
28:11 Tips on shopping for mulch

After watching this episode, you’ll be taught in regards to the worst and finest wooden chip mulch you should utilize in your vegetable backyard to create extra fertility in your backyard and shield your soil

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  1. Jump to the following parts of this episode:
    01:19 Best Type of Wood to Use for Mulch
    02:43 Is it better to chip/shred or grind wood?
    04:46 The type of Mulch you don't want to use
    08:46 Double Ground Mulch – Best for Clay
    10:50 How does someone know what kind of mulch they are buying?
    11:40 Why you shouldn't buy mulch made out of pallets
    12:25 Why you shouldn't use dyed mulches
    13:16 Single sourced wood mulch vs native mulch
    14:30 Partially Aged Mulch
    17:23 Why can some mulches kill plants?
    18:30 Premium Mulch, properly aged 18 months
    19:00 How properly aged mulch feeds the soil
    19:00 How mulch can help pest control
    19:50 How properly aged mulch is fire resistant
    20:20 How long can mulch feed your garden?
    20:42 how mulch can bring more nitrogen into your garden
    22:51 Screened 18-month-old mulch
    24:45 how long it takes to make a good quality mulch
    25:36 How to use mulch to make a growing medium
    28:11 Tips about buying mulch

  2. Wow,, I wish I'd listened a few days ago,, would have saved some bucks
    Thanks for awesome info,, will subscribe

  3. this is the kinda guy that u can tell is a good person… and DEFINITELY want to support his efforts…

  4. Is mulch in this video getting composted anaerobically? Is it good or bad if it is anaerobic? Is this mulch sufficient to add to my garden? Since a small amount of nitrogen exists… And how about the PH level? Is it acidic?

  5. I have to disagree to a certain point on pallets. sorry but most of the pallets people get are made in USA and are oak and untreated maybe in some areas its true for chinese but not my area. I am getting real tired of thise blanket good bad from folks that really dont know the full science to these things, like ALL of the bacteria cycles of the many types of bacteria which digest all those chemicals over time then die and other types of bacteria eats those bacteria and the chemicals are gone. They have found plastics get broke down over time as well and get digested. He actually partially said the partial truth on this in the video but left out the full truth to sell a product.

  6. Dr. Elaine Ingham offers alot of great soil microbiology advice as well. The end product made in this video looks amazing. Maybe you guys could put a sample of it under a microscope. Would be great viewing the sample under a microscope with shadowing capabilities. Analyzing all of the life in the slide sample would be cool for soil buffs. As a fungal dominant compost system by design, we should see oceans of fungal strains.

  7. John – I am positive you want your videos to be a POSITIVE experience for the viewer– so I hope you consider my comments as ideas to IMPROVE that experience. And of course accomplish your goal: sales. They can go hand in hand. Basically Dude, you're talking at 120 MPH with the windows open and the radio blasting. Go down to 55 MPH, relax man, nobody needs the hype and repetitive bravado in your presentation if the product is a good one. Maybe you read some stuff about hypnosis, and using LOUD and REPETITIVE techniques induces trance and then people are suggestible. Is that why you're so gosh darn aggressive, shouting, repeating, answering your own questions, meanwhile the scholarly man beside you is calm, friendly, thoughtful, going 50-55, and we all believe him without trying. But we have to have a rest after your video and wonder if weren't standing under a waterfall of pebbles. Best of luck.

  8. I've been watching your video's for along time and I never knew you live in Houston. I'm from Houston and live just north in Cleveland. Near this Nature's Way Resources. What part of Houston do you live?

  9. This is more compost than mulch you actually nee a ruffer mulch to stop blow away or wash away.
    1/2 the story here both is needed then once established just the rough mulch is needed

  10. Very interesting video. I live in the mid-west, but formerly lived in San Antonio. If you're looking for good organic compost and mulches in central Texas, there's a place I highly recommend- Gardenville. It was started over 50 years ago by Malcomb Beck. Malcomb's no longer alive but he build a very co-operative business.

  11. I can only locally get the common commercial cedar mulch in bags.

    Forget straw, proper wood/arborist or any other supposedly better mulch, it's simply not available at the nearest hardware store.

    Nothing wrong with that red cedar mulch, right?

  12. 1:19 is nit where you mention the best type of mulch, it’s where you explain why folks dump green waste at this location. Who cares? And why choose the noisiest time/place, that’s not adding any interest, it’s just ruining the core goal here – to share information. I love your passion and insight, but why,,,,why does every video take 20 minutes before you even begin to mention the information listed in the title?? It’s only frustrating because we trust you, and we value your opinion, so stop making us suffer with extraneous information, bad audio and honestly – borderline click bait titles. Think about it – the folks most interested in your wisdom are the ones who most suffer… is that what you want?
    And then to actually say – skip to here to get the answer, then to have you start talking about the economics of mulch yards in front of a 90 decibel mulcher… it’s almost rude and it’s certainly dishonest to your viewers and the community you’ve built for so many years. Please get honest with yourself and with us. Some folks would watch a 20 minute video of you talking about mulching yards, but title the video that!

  13. what about course mulch tho? if you watch an amazing vid about the science of mulches,, you'll know that you want large chunks so weed seeds in the air fall down into the cracks and get decomposed, rather than find a spot in the upper part of fine mulch where it can grow and cause you headaches!

  14. jesus man . you need to cut this video in quarter . or atleast put all the valuable information in upfront

  15. I'm pretty new to gardening, and this video really helped me understand the process and how soil is created. Excellent video thank you!!

  16. Would you please advise for what kinds of soil for raise bed garden ? Can list them ?
    Thank You

  17. This is some good information. I know this is not in relation to wood mulch but it is a mulch question; what about using grass clippings as mulch? I hear different things about it.

  18. Fresh sawdust is a great way to reduce Nitrogen(N) in Cannabis. This is ideal to reduce chlorophyll production towards the end of flowering(w/wo flushing). I mix my soil with sawdust(2%-5%/soil mixture(55%Peat * 25%Composted manure * 10%Dry; Leaves,Grass, Kelp/Seaweed * 1%-3% Pot-ash * 1%-3% Epsom salt(+ 1tbsp of molasse per gallon of water to moisten the soil))). I germinate/grow in it for the whole life-cycle, while I supplement Nitrogen(N). I stop the Nitrogen(N) after week 1 of flower, and let the sawdust work it's magic!

  19. Extremely valuable resource for crops coming from a 'Soil Scientist', I've never heard of one…How Cool Is That…Peace 🙂

  20. None of these mulches will take the nitrogen out of the soil as long as you don't turn it under. Just lay it on top.

  21. Tree removal companies are a gold mine! I worked for one in my early 20s for a summer and we dumped all the shredded material in various areas until the powers to be of the location didn't want us to any more. I am now 34 and I've went back to these locations and the piles have been left alone and is now one of the best fungal compost I've seen. Every location has it and every owner is happy for me to remove it. Lol. They have no idea what they are sitting on. The tree company is much larger now and just dumps In their large yard. He will still let me come get what I want, it's all trash to them. Contact local tree services.

  22. I came to get a quick answer before I went to buy some mulch….ended up staying to watch the whole thing. I love this! So interesting and useful 🙂

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