Wrong Uses of Face Masks in the Fight Against COVID-19 in Ghana: Cultural Barriers and Infodemics

The carrying of face masks has been beneficial by the World Well being Group as one of many efficient security protocols in combating in opposition to the contraction, an infection, and the unfold of the coronavirus. Nonetheless, warning have to be exercised in utilizing it as protecting gear in opposition to the coronavirus. Improper use of the face masks is more likely to expose the wearer to the coronavirus an infection. In Ghana, there have been a number of flawed makes use of of the face masks brought on by cultural obstacles and infodemics within the nation. This text throws a highlight on these cultural obstacles and infodemics to it is flawed use. Additionally, it discusses explanation why the final populace should dispel these infodemics about using the face masks within the prevention of COVID-19 an infection.

Culturally, Ghanaians extol good manners equivalent to exhibiting respect to the aged within the society in addition to demonstrating respect to these in authority. Individuals who fail to point out respect to the aged, in addition to folks in authority, are considered as social deviants. Such individuals are objects of social isolation and stigma within the Ghanaian society. Due to this fact, each Ghanaian citizen strives to earn the goodwill of others, particularly, his or her communal members, by displaying respect, humility, and dignity towards the aged and people in authority. Sadly, there was a rising infodemic on the decreasing of face masks amongst some Ghanaian folks within the quest of exhibiting respect to the aged and people in management positions as cultural calls for. It has been famous amongst some college students in Ghanaian establishments that they intentionally pull it down beneath the chin whereas talking to their academics and/or heads of establishments as an indication of respect. Safety personnel additionally pull down their face masks whereas talking to their superiors and managers. Likewise, some church congregants additionally decrease them down whereas standing earlier than their spiritual leaders. This angle of decreasing one’s face masks to the chin of the face could also be motivated by the cultural requirement of exhibiting respect to the aged and people in authority by taking off one’s hat, slippers, and bowing down all the physique. This situation is detrimental to the well being of the wearer who intentionally pulls it down as an indication of respect. This angle exposes the nostrils and mouth of the wearer, making it straightforward for the droplets of the coronavirus from an contaminated superior or aged particular person to contaminate the particular person. Due to this fact, the carrying of a face masks have to be maintained always whereas talking to the aged, a superior officer, or a spiritual chief. That is essential for the prevention in opposition to the coronavirus. Different types are culturally accepted in Ghana in exhibiting respect in the direction of these in authority and the aged in society. These embody utilizing decorum in speech, and standing on one’s ft whereas an aged particular person or an individual in authority is talking and/or in a single’s midst. Due to this fact, public well being officers and the COVID-19 response crew should sensitize the final Ghanaian populace on the necessity to preserve worn masks on a regular basis, with out pulling it down as an indication of exhibiting respect.

One other infodemic that’s spreading quickly among the many Ghanaian populace is that the wearer of a face masks can momentarily pull it right down to take contemporary air after which pull it again. Some Ghanaians, particularly, market ladies and merchants declare the face masks makes it tough for them to breathe. Such individuals have been influenced by the misinformation within the public area that it’s not flawed flattening the face masks beneath the nostril to breathe in contemporary air for a number of seconds. That is harmful to the well being of the wearer because it makes it straightforward for the coronavirus droplets of an contaminated particular person to journey simply by means of the nostrils to contract an an infection. Public well being schooling in Ghana should sensitize most of the people on this infodemic that may contribute to the unfold of the coronavirus an infection.

Because the world continues it is battle in opposition to the lethal coronavirus international pandemic, there may be the necessity for everybody to train warning and comply with meticulously, all of the preventive protocols from trusted well being our bodies and companies equivalent to from the web site of the World Well being Group. The face masks ought to be worn always and mustn’t ever be pulled down as a cultural signal of respect or to absorb contemporary air momentarily. These infodemics have to be prevented and campaigned in opposition to to keep away from useless contraction of the coronavirus in Ghana.

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