Xi'an travel vlog: Lost in the dark – China travel vlog

In this China travel vlog, we head to Xi’An, one of the most famous cities in Western China.

We’ve been to the Great Wall and we’ve been the the Bund – It’s time to check another major Chinese tourist attraction off our list – The Teracotta Warriors.

This is part one of our Xi’An travel vlog. In this episode, we arrive in XiAn and bike around the XiAn city wall, and accidentally get stuck in the dark. After finding our way, we hit up HuiMinJie, the Muslim quarter in Xi’An famous for its street food.

Xi’An is one of the most unique cities I have been to in China and is a great place to visit.

Check out episode 2 where I climb the famous Huashan mountain range and do the terrifying “Plank Walk:”

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