You Don't Need Expensive Cycling Clothes to Enjoy The Ride!

You don’t need to buy a bunch of expensive cycling clothes to get out and enjoy bike commuting. Heck, sometimes normal clothes are even more comfortable (especially in the winter).

This video is a follow-up from my recent video about wear tips for cycling in the winter

One of the comments in the last video really stuck with me, and so I wanted to make this follow-up video briefly talking about just riding with what you got, which is what I quite often. One of the reasons I love bike commuting is because it helps me save more money, and buying more expensive cycling gear just kind of defeats the purpose.

You may be more comfortable wearing normal clothes, or even have strict regulations with how you show up to work and no place to change, which are also factors to consider. Don’t let that get in your way to get out and ride and enjoy bike commuting to work!

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