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ZAYN – PILLOWTALK (Official Music Video)

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  1. 🎵I can't fake another smile
    I can't fake like I'm alright
    Ooh ah ooh ah
    And I won't say I'm feeling fine
    After what I've been through
    I can't like
    Ooh ah ooh ah
    F*ck a fake smile smile
    F*ck a fake smile fake smile🎵

  2. 🎶Yeah I'm just saying baby
    I can't really miss u if I'm with u
    And when I miss u it'll change the way I kiss u
    Baby u know time apart is beneficial
    it's like I'm the universe and u be N-A-S-A
    Give u the whole world
    imma need space
    Imma need space imma imma need space
    u know I'm a star space
    Imma need space
    Imma need space
    imma imma need space N-A-S-A🎶

  3. 🎶And imma scream and shout for I love
    Passionate but I don't give no f*cks
    I admit that I'm a lil messed up
    But I can hide it when I'm all dressed up
    I'm obsessive and I love too hard
    Good at overthinking with my heart
    How u even think it got this far? This far
    I can be needy
    Way too damn needy
    I can be needy
    Tell me how good it feels to be needed?
    I can be needy
    so hard to please me
    I know it feels so good to be needed
    Sorry if I'm up and down a lot
    sorry that I think I'm not enough
    And sorry if I say sorry way too much
    U can go ahead and call me selfish
    But after all this damage I can't help it
    But u can trust is I need ur touch🎶

  4. 🎶This is for everybody
    baby u gotta take care if ur body
    Ain't no time to deny it
    That is why we're talking bout it
    Yeah we talking about it
    So deal with it don't tryna get by it
    Ain't no time to deny it
    So we had to sit down and just write it🎶

  5. 🎶Why'd u have to be so cute?
    It's impossible to ignore u ah
    why must u make me laugh so much?
    It's bad enough we get along so well just say goodnight and go oh oh oh
    Just saying good night and go oh oh oh
    Just say goodnight and go🎶

  6. 🎶 "excuse me um I love u"
    I know that's not the way to start a conversation trouble
    I watch them other girls
    when they come and bug u
    But I felt like that I knew so I just wanted to hug u
    Plus u don't know ur way around
    u can stop ur playing now
    All ur worries lay em down
    Don't say it loud
    Is this real baby?
    U like "I love u"
    Who starts a conversation like that? Nobody but I do
    But u are not a picture
    I can't cut u up and hide u
    I'll get u out my mind
    I tried to but I just wanna stand and yell
    Think I heard some wedding bells
    Shhh keep it to urself
    is this real?🎶